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Beard Oil for Well Groomed Men | VN Lifestyle | VicNic

Beard Oil for Well Groomed Men

Bearded men were turning heads long before The New York Times declared facial hair fashionable. There’s just something about a well-groomed guy that makes you stop and stare.
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Knowing more about our skin | VN Lifestyle | VicNic

Fun Facts about the Skin

Skin is one of the best gifts of nature to us, a magic garment which is soft, waterproof, strong and self repairing. It is not just to cover up the internal organs and look beautiful; it does a lot more than that.
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Autumn celebrations | Healthy Tips | VN Lifestyle

Autumn Festivals Health and Safety Tips

Autumn celebrations like Harvest Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and Halloween are fun times for children, who can dress up in costumes, enjoy parties, and eat yummy treats. These celebrations also provide a chance to give out healthy snacks, get physical activity, and focus on safety.
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