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2019 Bright Start Collection

2019 Bright Start: 10 Golden Rules for Skin Care

Many people start a year with new year's resolutions, how about you? Forbes magazine had done a research, saying 60% of people get the habit of writing down new year's resolutions, however, only 8 % of them achieve the goals.  It's possibly true that DOING...

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What to do with dry baby skin?

What to do with dry baby skin?

1. What is dry skin of children? Children's skin is in principle more sensitive than mature adult skin. It is thinner and sensitive to environmental influences (sun, chemical substances, allergens, etc.). From birth to the age of six years, the...

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What is dry cough? - read more on VN Lifestyle

What is dry cough?

Basically, coughing is a very natural protective reaction of our body to rid the respiratory tract of dust, debris or mucus. On the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract are millions of cilia
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Reaching the silver age | Health & Beauty | VicNic.com

Getting Old is a Blessing

Stay Healthy. Stay Happy.

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