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Cevitt & Multivit

Hermes Arzneimittel was founded in 1907 and initially specialized in the production of herbal teas and herbal medicines. In the 1960s, the company began producing the first vitamin effervescent tablets in Germany on the basis of an innovative manufacturing process, from which the Cevitt effervescent tablets emerged in 1987.

The Cevitt product portfolio was consistently expanded over the next few decades. The brand stands for the claim to guarantee the highest product quality. The brand’s quality promise is: We will continue to work on continuously improving our product range. Because your health is the company’s mission!

Two recent pioneering developments at Cevitt immun® are:

1. Heat-stable vitamin C - among other things in Cevitt immun® hot drinks,
2. Dosage form Micro Pellets - in Cevitt immun® DIRECT ...

Heat-stable vitamin C in Cevitt immune® hot drinks:
Vitamin C is extremely sensitive - heat, the influence of light and oxygen can significantly reduce the vitamin C content of foods. Against this background, HERMES research set itself the goal of developing a recipe in which vitamin C remains stable. With success! The specially developed recipe ensures that the vitamin C in Cevitt immun® products is hardly lost, even in preparations with hot water.

Even if the Cevitt immun® hot drinks are stored in a thermos flask or left to stand for a long time, there is no risk of vitamin c loss. Regardless of which of the different fruity varieties you choose - with Cevitt immun® you are on the safe side when it comes to vitamin C supply.

Dosage form Micro-Pellets - quickly soluble vitamin C + zinc:
Growing mobility and fewer breaks in everyday life are also changing our behavior with regard to dietary supplements. The desire is for faster availability - even on the go. Cevitt immun® DIRECT ensures a direct and rapid supply of the important nutrients for the immune system, vitamin C and zinc. The practical micro-pellets in Cevitt immun® DIRECT melt in the mouth - without any water. Individually packed in sticks, the right dose of immune defense power is always and everywhere at hand.

These advances in research of vitamin c supplements are so important because sufficient vitamin C intake through normal food is not always guaranteed. An orange a day or a portion of black currants and you've already covered your daily vitamin C requirement? Unfortunately it's not that easy. Storage and preparation can inactivate the sensitive ascorbic acid - this means that the food loses valuable vitamins and thus “of value”. An example: If peas are stored in the refrigerator, around 4% vitamin C is lost per day - at room temperature it is already 12% per day! There are further losses in cooking. But light and oxygen are also involved in the so-called oxidative breakdown of vitamin C. Similarly, with a homemade hot lemon, the preparation is crucial for the vitamin C content, because vitamin C is extremely heat-sensitive in its regular state. High temperatures accelerate the oxidation. Therefore, a hot lemon should only be prepared at 60 ° and not with boiling water.