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Treat your hair to unique care with the Hawaiian ahuhu plant. In combination with many other herbal ingredients, ahuhu organic hair care forms professional-quality hair care. Proven ingredients from skin care also spoil the hair at ahuhu organic hair care: hyaluronic acid for a higher moisture content, vegetable collagen for more volume and condition, amino acids for the reconstruction of damaged hair.

Ahuhu - that sounds like Hawaii, long beaches, tropical fruits and surfers in the ocean. And indeed: The high-quality and natural ahuhu organic hair care hair care products contain the Hawaiian Ahuhu plant, which promises well-groomed and healthy hair. ...

The secret of the Ahuhu plant The “wild indigo” - as Ahuhu is also called outside of Hawaii - is said to be able to cure 150 diseases and increase well-being in traditional medicine. The makers of ahuhu organic hair care use the skin-soothing plant in hair care to help create a healthy scalp and thus strengthen the hair roots. And otherwise ahuhu organic hair care pays attention to naturalness, dispenses with controversial ingredients such as parabens, polyethylene glycols and silicones and instead relies on valuable plant extracts, high-quality oils and effective ingredients. The result: organic hair care with anti-aging ingredients and wonderful fragrances.

ahuhu organic hair care for healthy hair Brand founder Timur Scharhag knows from his work as a long-time master hairdresser and styling expert what care your hair really needs and also supplies the right styling products. Proven ingredients from skin care also pamper the hair at ahuhu organic hair care: hyaluronic acid for a higher moisture content, plant-based collagen for more volume and stand, amino acids for rebuilding damaged hair.

Ahuhu hair products suit for both men as well as women. Whether you have a short hair style or longer hair, Ahuhu is the right choice for you. Moreover, the brand has a great product range against hair loss for men and women.

Make your hair and scalp happy!

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