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Around 1930, Alfred Woelbing invented the Carmex lip balm in the USA as he was suffering from dry, chapped lips. Today, Carmex has become one of the most popular lip care products worldwide and the company is still run by the Woelbing family. A fascinating fact is that the carmex lip balm is sold more than 130 times a minute. Due to its unique formulation, Carmex has a calming, moisturizing and soothing effect and gives the lips a smooth, healthy appearance. Try it for yourself and see why this award-winning lip care product is preferred by models, stars and make-up professionals around the world. ...

The reason for chapped lips is usually not enough moisture. Dry air, sun, wind, cold, and even dust can cause dry lips. Carmex helps with dry, chapped lips through its moisturizing and soothing properties. The Carmex lip balm is made from a unique blend of different ingredients, including natural moisturizers like cocoa butter and lanolin. These ingredients and other moisturizing ingredients give the lips a healthy look by restoring the moisture they have lost and preventing dry and chapped lips. The company even recommends to use Carmex before and after applying lipstick. The moisture is retained and restored, the lipstick is easier to apply and the lips remain soft and supple.

Carmex has a very clear stance against animal testing which has been an integral part of the corporate culture for more than 75 years. Instead, the company relies on in-depth chemical analysis as well as specific tests of all its products. This way, carmex products meet all requirements from relevant official agencies such as the FDA.

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