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Balsan Cosmetic is a German brand that is specialized in foot care. Specifically, the products are tailored for immediate, safe, and smooth callused skin removal. Callus is a protective layer of the skin that is built up in particularly stressed areas. The yellowish cracks are not nice, however. And if they get too big, they can be uncomfortably painful when walking. With a callus remover, you have the callus under control. Moreover, with a regular foot care routine, you can do much better to prevent the calluses from forming in the first place. Special creams keep the skin fresh, make it belong and prevent the callus formation. Balsan has a range of products to remove callused skin as well as foot creams and balms to prevent new calluses from forming. For professional use or especially severe cases, the brand also offers instruments such as scissors and cuticle skin nippers. Also, Balsan developed ranges against foot odor, perspirating feet and burning feet. ...

Since its founding in 1998, the most important principle for the brand is to uphold its high product quality in order to manufacture products which are superior in terms of efficacy. Therefore, the brand only develops products which satisfy the highest standards of pharmacy skin care products. Independent Institutes support Balsan with their comprehensive product tests.

Today, Balsan is widely recognized for its specialization in callus removal. Numerous pedicurists, pharmacists and also private customers are amazed by the products and are loyal customers. Balsan strives to continuously improve its products and therefore encourages consumers to give them feedback regarding personal product experience. BALSAN Cosmetic wish es you beautiful feet!

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