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René Furterer

The brand René Furterer develops its products in collaboration with Pierre Fabre's pharmaceutical laboratory, which specializes in natural / plant based cosmetics. The holistic care system for scalp and hair combines pure essential oils and the most effective plant extracts with fragrant aromas to make you feel good. The processed plants are carefully and specifically selected according to their effect and in order to make the hair look healthy and beautiful....

René Furterer Paris stands for naturalness and the power of valuable essential oils. The brand relies on scientific know-how, because the René Furterer team of ethnobotanists travels the world for its innovative developments to collect the most valuable and high-quality plants and their unique and rare extracts. These all have different healing properties and flavors. In Pierre Fabre's pharmaceutical laboratories, these are then turned into hair care products that adapt to the individual needs of the scalp and hair. The main concern of the René Furterer researchers is to find the right recipe that has a healthy, sometimes even healing effect on skin and hair.

René Furterer - high quality products for skin, hair, mind and soul

This journey began in 1957 and will continue. Research has always been carried out at René Furterer, and oils and plant extracts have been used. Not only the caring properties of René Furterer's products are highly valued by customers, but also the calming effect on mind and soul. This well-being is caused by aromas that cannot be found in other brands. Because the goal of the label René Furterer Paris is to bring the body, inside and outside, into harmony with itself and nature.

René Furterer products stimulate healthy hair production

When using René Furterer hair care products, a revitalizing, cleansing and calming effect can be noticed immediately. Much more astonishing, however, is the revolutionary method of helping customers individually and purposefully with the right care products. After a hair and scalp analysis, René Furterer brushes, René Furterer shampoo, René Furterer styling aids, a René Furterer hair treatment and the like are adapted or selected to personal needs. With unique success: hair and scalp are cleaned and cared for. The stimulation through massages with René Furterer products stimulates healthy hair production. The hair is permanently improved and cared for.

One of the most popular products of the brand is the René Furterer Triphasic Reactional Hair Loss Treatment, which comes in ampoule form and is intended to slow down hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. Similarly, the hair serum René Furterer Triphasic Vht Atp Intensif helps to reduce hair loss, to improve the hair structure, and ultimately promote hair growth. The scalp is of paramount importance when it comes to healthy and beautiful hair. Therefore, the brand also has something in the assortment to care for your scalp: René Furterer Complexe 5 Fluid Scalp Serum - which promotes the blood circulation in the scalp, this way strengthening the hair roots.