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The cosmetics group with headquarters in Arlesheim, Switzerland, was founded on November 21, 1922. In addition to natural cosmetics, Weleda also produces and sells anthroposophic medicine and dietetics. The company manufactures all of its medical products on an anthroposophical basis. This philosophy has led to tremendous success all over the world. Among the most popular Weleda products are the calendular essence and the pregnancy stretch mark oil....

- Weleda - The roots of anthroposophy become a philosophy
- Quality and sustainability at Weleda
- Weleda offers the right care for every skin type
- Nature for your hair with Weleda hair care

Weleda - The roots of anthroposophy become a philosophy
The founder of Weleda, Dr. Rudolf Steiner, was one of the founders of anthroposophy and has influenced his company to this day with his ideas on new healing methods and biodynamic agriculture. In the broadest sense, anthroposophy is a worldview that Weleda has firmly anchored in its corporate philosophy: people, society and nature are viewed holistically. All aspects that can influence humans and nature are considered and evaluated. The body, mind, soul and consciousness of the person thus have an influence on the design and development of Weleda products.

Weleda likes to work with coloring to identify the various key plants in the products. This is one of the strengths of the brand, which sets Weleda apart from other companies in the industry. Furthermore, Weleda does not work with professional models, but chooses authentic, expressive people to embody the brand's image. But not only people, but also the plants that form the basis of Weleda natural cosmetics are viewed as living beings. For this reason, plants are also largely shown in Weleda advertising campaigns.

Weleda focuses on quality and sustainability
What could be more important in the field of natural cosmetics than the quality of the products and their ingredients? High quality, purity and naturalness are therefore the top priority at Weleda. The raw materials used can be of vegetable, mineral, metallic or vegetable origin. Since several substances are combined in the production of a product, Weleda aims to use only the highest quality for all ingredients.

The company even has its own garden with medicinal plants so that it can be absolutely certain about the origin and treatment of the plants. In accordance with the biodynamic medicinal plant cultivation, Weleda allows the ecosystems to regulate themselves and thus takes into account the relationships and forces of nature. This means that chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers are not used. The result is high quality soil and good products. Weleda also supports projects that promote the cultivation of medicinal plants and is also committed to protecting habitats.

Weleda offers the right care for every skin type With a large selection of series, Weleda offers everything your heart desires - from head to toe. Weleda has developed a wide range of products from medicines and fragrances to face, body and hair care. A special feature is that Weleda always names its care series after the respective key plant.

Evening primrose
The products of the evening primrose care series are particularly suitable for mature skin. The evening primrose oil it contains is rich in linoleic acid and gamma-linoleic acid. These are particularly kind to the skin and can be enriched in the skin's natural lipid layer. This demonstrably improves the skin's barrier properties, which means that water loss through the skin is prevented. In addition, the rich formula cushions the skin from the inside and thus helps to reduce deep wrinkles and strengthen the skin structure.

The basis of the pomegranate care range is the thick, yellow to reddish colored pomegranate seed oil. It is one of the active ingredient oils and contains a large amount of punicic acid. The specialty of the valuable pomegranate seed oil is its antioxidant effect. Pomegranate has a dynamic effect and stimulates cell renewal. The products in the Weleda pomegranate care range not only smell good, they also help prevent premature skin aging.

The Almond Sensitiv series from Weleda is particularly geared towards sensitive, rough and flaky skin. Precious organic almond oil provides particularly mild protection and care. In addition, the products of the almond series are pH-neutral and therefore have a soothing and relaxing effect and also optimally supply the skin with moisture.

Wild Rose
The pampering wild rose care range manages to harmonize the skin's balance. For normal to dry skin, wild rose provides a balanced supply of moisture. The subtle, pleasant scent also ensures a pampering experience in the bathroom.

If you have sensitive and delicate skin, you can do something good for yourself with the Calendula products. The calendula or marigold helps to support the skin's natural functions and thus ensures a healthy fat-moisture balance. In particular, this can counteract the stress caused by the cold.

Nature for your hair with Weleda hair care
Weleda hair care is largely based on the valuable ingredients of grain. Weleda shampoo, conditioner and cure are free from silicone and surfactants containing sulfates. In addition, the products are made without synthetic dyes, fragrances or preservatives and without raw materials based on mineral oil. Weleda natural cosmetics draw their strength from the natural interplay of ingredients.

The grain from the north is the last grain to be harvested every year. This gives the oats the opportunity to build up valuable silicic acid inside. In addition, mucilage, phosphorus and iron make it an extremely powerful plant. Oats have the ability to pass this power on to our hair. The oat care series for dry and damaged hair reduces hair breakage and split ends and gives the hair a natural shine. The hair protection is rebuilt and the hair regains its natural smoothness and suppleness. For optimal care, it is recommended to use all of the oat hair products in combination.

After maize, wheat is one of the oldest cultivated plants of mankind. Weleda itself describes wheat as the »balancing form giver«. Due to its balancing nature, wheat was chosen as the key plant for structure and balance: Wheat hair care products provide quick relief for sensitive scalps that tend to dandruff. The balancing effect of oats brings the scalp back into balance and also cares for the hair. Vitamin E and lecithin are nourishing, restorative substances that are contained in large quantities in wheat. The unsaturated fatty acids in wheat germ oil also help to promote cell structure in the hair roots. This counteracts hair loss in a natural way. By regulating the build-up and breakdown processes of the scalp, dandruff formation is also stopped.

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