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Weleda Visiodoron Malva Eye Drops 20x0.4 ml

by Weleda
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  • Weleda Visio Doron Malva eye drops - Of course, effective for dry eyes.

    Visio Doron Malva is a sterile eye drops solution in dry and irritated eyes.
    The Weleda specific combination of biological mallow (soothes and additional moisture) and GM-free sodium hyaluronate (stabilizes the tear film) moistened and soothes dry, irritated eyes.

    Visiodoron Malva eye drops contain natural, non-GMO hyaluronic acid and an extract of certified organic mallow flowers. Visiodoron Malva eye drops contain no preservatives, but are usually well-dreamy, can be used over a longer period and are suitable for contact lenses.

  • dripped two drops in each eye - if required. 1

  • Composition of WELEDA Visiodoron® Malva
     5 mg mallow extract 1:50 mg hyaluronic acid sodium salt adjuvants
     Water for injections citrate sodium chloride