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Femibion is a pregnancy supplement for women. Femibion takes women's health seriously. The 4-phase product Femibion Baby Planning (BabyPlanung), Femibion 1 early pregnancy, Femibion 2 pregnancy and Femibion 3 lactation were developed based on the knowledge that the nutritional requirements change during pregnancy. The composition of all four products is adapted to the needs in the different phases - from the desire to have children to the end of breastfeeding. In addition to a healthy and varied diet, all three products support the adequate nutrient intake of you and your baby during this special and exciting time. For example, they contain folate (folic acid and Metafolin®), which plays an important role during pregnancy as it contributes to the growth of maternal tissue, including the development of the placenta. Whether you want to become a mom or are already a mom, simply choose your appropriate phase and receive important information from Femibion....

A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle form the basis for conception. During this time you should pay particular attention to ensuring that your body is supplied with sufficient nutrients overall. According to studies, around half of women who want to have children only consume 50% of the recommended dose of folic acid / folate, iodine and iron. That is where nutritional supplements for pregnancy can support you.

The brand wants to provide you with information for parenthood and support you from planning your baby to the first few months in your new life as a mother. At Femibion, one knows that this is an exciting phase of life that brings huge changes and a number of challenges. One also knows that there are other things in your life that don't have to be postponed during this time. There's no reason why you can't stay fit, active, look amazing, and convince in the workplace if you want to.