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What's on sale?

Femibion Pregnancy & Breastfeeding 2 2x60 capsules

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  • Femibion Pregnancy & Breastfeeding 2 is specially developed to support the special needs* from the 13th week of pregnancy onwards, as a complement to a healthy diet.

    • Formulated with folic acid, Metafolin®, DHA,
    • Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 And Biotin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Niacin And Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E
    • Iodine

    Folic acid is a B vitamin that in the body is converted into folate to become biologically active. The human body needs folate, which contributes to normal blood formation, cell division and thus tissue growth. However, not all women are able to completely utilise folic acid.

    By week 13 your baby’s body is already fully formed, and an incredible phase of growth is about to start. That’s why we recommend you start taking Femibion Pregnancy + Breastfeeding 2. Femibion Pregnancy + Breastfeeding 2 provides you with carefully chosen nutrients like folate (Metafolin® & folic acid) & the omega-3 fatty acid DHA from the 13th week of pregnancy until the end of breastfeeding. 

    Throughout pregnancy particular care should be taken to ensure that your folate supply is adequate. *Folate (Metafolin® and folic acid) contributes to normal blood formation and the process of cell division, as well as maternal tissue growth during pregnancy, including placental growth. The placenta supplies your unborn baby with essential nutrients the baby needs. 

    DHA stands for docosahexaenoic acid. This omega-3 fatty acid plays a special role for pregnancy and the nursing period. Pregnant and nursing women are recommended to take an additional amount of 200 mg DHA daily, since it supports the normal development of the brain and eyes of the foetus and breastfed infant.

    The essential omega-3 fatty acid DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) is an important component of all cell membranes throughout the body, and is particularly highly concentrated in the brain and the retina. *Maternal intake of omega-3 DHA contributes to the normal development of the eyes and the brain of the baby, initially via the umbilical cord and later via breastfeeding. Indeed, even after birth, increasing quantities are stored in the child’s retina and brain. In order to provide optimum levels of omega-3 DHA for your child during pregnancy and once you are breastfeeding, you should top up your DHA intake: The beneficial effects of omega-3 DHA are obtained via a daily intake of 200mg, in addition to the daily recommended quantity for adults of 250mg omega-3 fatty acids (DHA & EPA).

    2 x 60 for 60 days

  • From the 13th week of pregnancy

    1x a day take 1 tablet and 1 capsule during a lunch, with a cold drink.

    The pack contains 60 capsules and 60 tablets in one pack. Depends on the size you have chosen. 

  • Tablet:

    Filler: microcrystalline cellulose; Calcium L-ascorbate; Coating agent: hydroxypropylcellulose; DL-α-tocopheryl acetate; maltodextrin; nicotinamide; Coating agent: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose; modified starch (maize); Calcium D-pantothenate; Dye: titanium dioxide; Release agents: magnesium salts of fatty acids (vegetable); pyridoxine hydrochloride; Starch (corn); riboflavin; thiamine mononitrate; Moisturizing agents: glycerin; vegetable oil (palm oil); Calcium L-methylfolate (metafoline); folic acid; potassium iodide; Sugar; D-biotin; Cholecalceferol; Dye: iron oxide; cyanocobalamin


    DHA-containing fish oil concentrate; Fish gelatin; Moisturizing agents: glycerin; DL-α-tocopheryl acetate.