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Ducray offers expert products for numerous hair and scalp problems. The brand especially well known for its products against dandruff and is used by dermatologists and recommended by pharmacists. “The guardian angels for your hair”. With this slogan, Albert Ducray made the first medical shampoos accessible to end consumers in 1930. Albert Ducray, as the name suggests, is the founder of the brand. He worked as a hairdresser and, like all hairdressing salons back then, used soap powder to wash his customers' hair. As the son of a dermatologist, he noticed that the alkaline components in the solutions did more harm than good. The hair loses its shine, looks dull and dry. He started thinking about a solution and used the knowledge from two worlds - hair dressing and dermatology - to develop effective shampoos. A natural alternative that not only cleans but also cares and helps customers with their various skin problems. He used what nature offered him and a little later sold the first shampoos in small glass bottles - a groundbreaking innovation at that time! ...

This combination of expertise in the two fields has become the brand credo ever since. Until today, the Ducray brand stands for protection of hair and skin. To uphold this brand quality, Ducray develops it products in collaboration with renowned researchers and dermatologists. The result is hair care products with the highest dermatological effectiveness. For healthy care that changes the life of those affected and improves their quality of life.

Ducray stands for precision on an international, scientific basis. This aspect is primarily reflected in the company’s numerous innovations that they have been able to demonstrate over the years. Together with the most influential opinion leaders in dermatology, they develop formulations for new products. Ducray has 17 in-house dermatologists as well as 2 bacteriology experts.

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