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Formoline is a brand specialized in supplements to treat obesity. It helps in weight control, binds a large part of the ingested dietary fats in the gastrointestinal tract, so that the calories they contain cannot be absorbed by the body. The Formoline L112 is Germany's most recommended slimming supplement. Losing weight healthily and maintaining weight is a realistic goal with the clever strategy of a balanced diet and reduced calorie intake. Formoline L112 is a lipid binder to support the treatment of obesity, support weight control and reduce cholesterol absorption from food. The main ingredient is the fiber polyglucosamine (L112) with a very high fat binding capacity. In the gastrointestinal tract, some of the dietary fats are bound to L112. These fat calories are no longer available to the body. ...

As part of a weight reduction with Formoline L112, the company recommends a fat-modified diet with 60 - 80 g fat daily and regular physical activity. Only when the energy consumption is higher than the energy intake the body utilizes the fat reserves for energy production and body fat is reduced. L112 always recommended for pizza, curry sausage, french fries with mayonnaise, roast with sauce, doner kebab, deep fired schnitzel, tiramisu, black forest cake, chocolate, potato chips and similar food.

Formoline L112 EXTRA contains 50% more of the highly effective active fiber L112. It was specially developed for overweight people weighing 75 kg or more, as the volume of food consumed also increases with the body weight. Here formoline L112 EXTRA can help you lose weight even more.

Even after you've achieved your goal, you should continue to watch your diet and exercise. This will enable you to maintain your desired weight in the long term. Here, too, formoline L112 and the high-dose formoline L112 EXTRA can provide effective support, because both products are well tolerated and suitable for long-term use.

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