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Scholl is highly specialized in foot care products such as foot cream, masks and balms. The brand started in 1904, when the founder Dr. William Mathias Scholl filed the first patent for a revolutionary shoe insole which supports the arch of the foot. In its early years, the company focused entirely on shoes and insoles to support the anatomy of the feet. Based on this profound understanding of well-being which comes from healthy feet, the brand diversified to also approach foot health from the angel of a comprehensive care program. Nowadays, the brand is very popular for its high quality foot care products that deal with issues such as cornea, cracked heels, dry feet and brittleness....

One of the best sellers among the Scholl foot creams is the Scholl Anti Cracks Ointment K+, which naturally supports skin damage on rough, dry, cracked heels and gives relief. The brand brought major innovations to the market with the launch of its Velvet Smooth Express Electric Corneal Remover which smoothens feet without using sharp blades. Also, in 2018 the brand launched its new foot mask in the format of socks. This innovative approach brings your daily routine of moisturizing the feet to the next level. The products are easy to use and do not grease. The skin quickly absorbs a large amount of the nourishing cream, thanks to the Hydro'Restor technology. You can feel the effect very quickly within 20 minutes and the result is amazing: a long-lasting feeling of silky soft, supple feet. At VicNic, you can buy the Scholl ExpertCare Intensive Care Foot Mask Socks as well as other Scholl foot care products online at a great price.

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