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Sebamed stands for medical skin care for all skin types. The brand has established itself in the field of medical skin and body care. The range now includes products that have been developed for different skin and hair types. Always in focus is the support of the skin's own pH value. Behind the Sebamed brand is a diverse range of products for medical skin and body care. All articles are based on the goal of supporting natural skin protection. This is achieved by stabilizing the optimal skin pH value of 5.5. ...

All products are dermatologically tested and are suitable for people with sensitive skin or skin in need of care. These include people with neurodermatitis or psoriasis. The balanced textures of the care and cleaning products are also suitable for daily use on normal or dry skin. In addition, Sebamed is committed to research in order to constantly bring innovative products to market. You can buy Sebamed products such as body lotions, deodorants or shower gels at any time conveniently in the VicNic online shop.

The first soap that doesn't contain soap
The founder of Sebamed is Dr. med. Heinz Maurer. It all began with his realization that the skin has its own protective acid mantle, which protects it from germs, drying out and environmental influences. Maurer recognized that this skin protection is compromised by soap, which changes the pH. He developed a soap alternative that was more skin-friendly by orienting itself towards the skin pH of 5.5 on average. This "wash bar" was based on surfactants and was slightly acidic - just like our skin. Shortly afterwards, the first Sebamed products came onto the market. Today they are all based on the concept of supporting the protection and regeneration of the skin via the pH and the Sebamed Soap-Free Cleansing Bar is still popular among customers all over the world.

Acid, basic, neutral - what does the pH value mean?
The normal pH value of 5.5 is necessary to maintain the skin's important protective acid mantle. This ensures that the skin is healthy and resilient. But what exactly does pH actually mean? Behind this value, which is often an issue in cosmetics and care, lies the balance between the acids and bases in a substance. The pH scale starts at 0 (acidic) and ends at 14 (basic). A value of 7 is called neutral. This is the case with water. The further the pH of a substance deviates from 7, the more acidic or basic this substance is. Here, pH values ​​that are less than 7 are considered acidic and those that are greater than 7 are considered basic.

The skin also has a specific pH value. This is normally between 4.0 and 6.5. So she is slightly angry. This acidic skin environment is created by sebum, sweat and horn cells and has an important function.

Why is the protective skin coat so important and how do Sebamed products support it?
The skin is covered with a protective film of fat and water (hydrolipid film). This is important so that it doesn't dry out. This layer also protects our skin from pathogens. Harmful microorganisms, bacteria and yeasts cannot survive in this acidic environment. Unsuitable cleaning and care products, environmental influences or illnesses damage this protective film. Dry, blemished skin, skin diseases or allergies are possible consequences. The choice of care products plays an important role here: the pH rises briefly to around 9 when cleaning with ordinary soap.

Sebamed products prevent the skin from slipping into the alkaline pH range due to unsuitable care. They help to keep the protective acid mantle of the skin upright and in an optimal pH range. This ensures a well-groomed complexion and supports the functions of the skin.

Sebamed uses all of this knowledge about the hydrolipid film to develop products for skin and hair that support the natural protective film.

Sebamed products for skin and hair
The Sebamed brand not only offers cleansing products, but also a wide range of skin care series that you can buy in the VicNic online shop. All items are suitable for your daily care routine due to their gentle formulas. The product range extends from face cream and body lotion to deodorant and shower gel. Anti-aging and sun protection products as well as articles for babies and children complete the range of medical care products.

In the skin care area you will find products for the following skin types:
- sensitive skin
- dry skin
- mature skin (anti-aging)
- oily, blemished skin
- Combination skin
- Children’s skin

The range of hair care products includes products for:

- sensitive scalp
- dry scalp
- Dandruff
- oily hair and
- Hair loss

This is how Sebamed ensures that everyone finds the product that suits them.

Sebamed bestsellers: what are the most popular products?
If you suffer from very dry skin, take a look at the Sebamed products with high-quality oils, such as sesame oil and safflower oil. These are intended to alleviate irritating reddening of the skin and flakes caused by dryness. The Sebamed Dry Skin Fragrance Free Lotion Urea 10% 200 ml is for people that have particularly dry skin and it helps to restore the skin's natural moisture balance. Dry skin, however, is not only a concern of the face. For dry hands, the Sebamed Dry Skin Perfume Free Hand Cream Urea 5% is a great choice. It contains highly concentrated urea which intensively moisturizes, and quickly relieves itching. 

The selection of Sebamed deodorants includes deo roll-ons such as the Sebamed Fresh Deodorant Roll-On - Fresh 50 ml and also deo pump sprays. They are available with invigorating scents such as lemongrass or, for allergic skin, in the fragrance-free version. They care for the sensitive skin under the armpits and ensure a fresh, clean feeling all day long. Also, Sebamed has a special deodorant for men which was specifically developed for the needs of sensitive and problematic men's skin.

Sebamed products for the scalp and hair
The Every-Day-Shampoo, which is supposed to ensure a healthy, strengthened scalp, is suitable for daily use. The sugar surfactants it contains cleanse particularly gently and gently provide a pleasant fullness and shine. The shampoo also protects the scalp from drying out.

The Sebamed Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Plus with its lasting anti-dandruff effect is ideal for dandruff formation. The formula can prevent itching and rapid relubrication. This makes the anti-dandruff shampoo suitable for people with sensitive and irritated scalps.

Also, hair loss is a major concern among many people. The Sebamed Anti Hair Loss Shampoo comes with a caffeine based formula for strong and healthy hair. The efficacy is based on the NHE care formula, which stimulates the circulation in the scalp, thus supporting healthy hair growth.

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