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Hipp is the leading manufacturer of baby food in Germany and produces organic products such as baby formula and toddler milk formula of very special quality and according to the EU organic regulation. Products are without genetic engineering. Why is this so important? Babies need healthy food that tastes good and does not contain unwanted ingredients. At HiPP, parents can rely on a nutritionally coordinated range of products, an age-appropriate composition and strictly controlled organic quality. Therefore, special attention is paid to the selection of raw materials and varieties: The soil is carefully selected, the seeds are untreated, fruit and vegetables ripen in peace and develop their taste. The organic meat for the HiPP menus is produced with the same care. ...

Also, sustainability is at the center of the corporate philosophy. This includes the long-term orientation of entrepreneurial activity, the careful use of resources and the environment as well as social responsibility and social interaction.

Every success story starts with a brilliant idea. Our family business started when Joseph Hipp first made children's biscuit flour and sold it in his pastry shop. That was the hour of birth of HiPP baby food.

The Hipp family's love for nature and craft is passed on from generation to generation. Her ancestors made beeswax candles and gingerbread of the highest quality as Lebzelter. At the end of the 19th century, Joseph Hipp had an idea in his Pfaffenhofen confectionery: he first made the first baby food for his own children from hand-rubbed rusks and milk, as his wife had problems breastfeeding her twins. The success spread and J. HiPP's rusks for children became a brand in the black and yellow pack. This lays the foundation for the family business. Son Georg sells the increasingly popular product from door to door in Munich and the surrounding area, until his parents' business becomes too small and he founds his own company in 1932.

Georg Hipp begins the industrial production of canned baby food in 1956. Gradually, he expanded the range and in 1959 introduced the HiPP jar as a practical and hygienic packaging. The encounter with the Swiss Dr. Hans Müller, pioneer of organic farming, inspires him to produce fruit and vegetables organically. From 1956 on, the first raw materials for HiPP products are grown on organically farmed soils. To this end, the family-owned Ehrensberger Hof near Pfaffenhofen is being converted to organic cultivation.

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