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Filorga, the first French aesthetic medicine laboratory, was founded in 1978. Since then they have been developing professional anti-aging products (hyaluronic acid & mesotherapy injections and fruit acid peelings), which are used by leading cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists worldwide....

In order to make the expertise in aesthetic medicine available to the general public, Filorga created the Medi-Cosmetique care line in 2007. A range of revolutionary anti-aging care products inspired by aesthetic medicine for use at home. The heart of the formulations is NCEF - a unique active ingredient complex that was developed by Filorga and is otherwise only used for injections to fill up wrinkles. It contains more than 50 encapsulated, revitalizing ingredients such as vitamins, co-enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, minerals. These carefully selected ingredients work against the signs of aging. The brand uses an innovative encapsulation technology called chronospheres. These are multilayer microscopic vectors, a result of scientific research, which harmonize perfectly with the skin so that the hyaluronic acid and the 50 ingredients can reach every level of the skin.

In the course of time, more than fifty cosmetic products have come onto the market, all of which have the same principle: Optimal and clinically proven effectiveness, which is visible after 7 days of use **. Filorga's goal is to deliver visible anti-aging results, as demonstrated by the rapid action of Medi-Cosmetique creams. Clinical studies were carried out under medical supervision by an independent center. Combined with special textures and high-quality presentation, Filorga products are popular worldwide. Filorga is now represented in more than 70 countries around the world.

Founded 1978. ** Tested on all Filorga day creams (except PIGMENT-WHITE), visible results after 15 days

Filorga provides a luxurious treatment experience: delicate textures, sensual fragrances, elegant presentation - all at a fair price. Filorga products are not only effective, but are also subject to high demands with regard to their formulation and development, which makes their daily use easy and pleasant.

The brand relies on continuous innovation as the core principle and builds on a scientific team of recognized experts from the fields of biology, pharmacy, dermatology, aesthetic medicine and cosmetics to develop new, effective products.

Moreover, Filorga is suitable for everyone, both men and women, who are looking for innovative and effective products that are pleasant to use. And in order to satisfy every customer, Filorga offers a compact yet comprehensive range with tailor-made anti-aging solutions that cater to every skin condition.