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ARCON Fenugreek + Micronutrient Hair Capsules 180 cap

by Arcon
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  • Arcon Fenugreek + Micronutrient Hair Capsules is a diet management in hereditary hair loss and thinning hair in women, e.g. in the menopause. In the case of hair problems, women often suffer from hormonally hereditary, ie androgenetic / plant-related hair growth disorders. Triggers can be hormonal fluctuations. These affect the sensitive hair roots and thus interfere with the hair growth process. Thinning hair or ultimately hereditary hair loss caused by hormones (androgenetic alopecia) can result.

    Against this background, it is recommended to influence the diet management of the corresponding women positively via the diet. The feeding with fenugreek + micronutrient hair capsules reacts to these medically-related nutritional needs and supports the hair roots and the hair growth process due to their properties and characteristics. The effect of the combination contained in the products has been clinically confirmed to be sensible diet management.

  • For successful diet management in the case of hormonal hereditary hair loss or hair growth disorders, we recommend women to take the fenugreek + micronutrient hair capsules for six months.

    The first positive results can be seen after just 4 months. Take 2 capsules daily in the morning - preferably with the first meal of the day.

    If the hair loss occur again afterwards, we recommend using them again daily. Fenugreek + micronutrient hair capsules can be safely taken over a long period of time or permanently.

  • Sunflower oil; fenugreek seed extract; gelatine (bovine); ascorbic acid; humectants: glycerol; D-a-tocopherol 1000; nicotinamide; emulsifier: lecithins; bulking agent : Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids; calcium D-phantothenate; zinc oxide; pyridoxine HCl; thiamine mononitrate; ribofl avin; copper (II) sulphate; biotin; folic acid; potassium iodate; sodium selenate; colourant : iron oxide, red and yellow, titanium oxide.