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Doppelherz is one of the best-known German brands for dietary supplements. The brand belongs to the pharmaceutical company Queisser Pharma. The history of Queisser Pharma begins in 1897 in a small pharmaceutical factory in Hamburg. They develop, produce and market a wide range of health care products. From vitamins and minerals, Omega-3, health tonic to herbal tea, the wide range of products fit the needs of many families. The brand's products are mainly produced in Flensburg, Germany and are available in over 60 countries worldwide. A wide range of dietary supplements is offered, mainly over-the-counter herbal medicinal products and medical products that are available in pharmacies, drugstores and food retail shops. ...

One reason for the tremendous success is the brand’s high quality standards and strong quality control. The company has been awarded with several certifications, for example the certification of good manufacturing process (GMP) guidelines. Hence, Doppelherz meets the quality assurance standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) for pharmaceutical production processes. Also, all sourced raw materials are carefully checked in the Queisser laboratory for its purity. Only if the active ingredients pass the examination successfully they can enter the Queisser production.

The success story started in 1919 with the Doppelherz tonic. It was formulated by the Essen druggist Josef Peter Hennes and marketed from 1921 onwards. Initially, it was sold under the word brand “Doppelherz” in capital letters, supplemented by the stylized representation of a nurse holding up a red and a black heart. The development of today's word / figurative brand began after the Second World War.

Through TV advertising since 1982, the brand achieved wide awareness in Germany. At the end of the 1980s, Queisser Pharma started the first expansion of the Doppelherz range, initially with garlic and vitamin E supplements. From 1999, products related to vitality, heart and vascular health were grouped under the sub-brand "Doppelherz aktiv”. From 2006, a range of pharmacy-exclusive products was introduced with the sub-brand "Doppelherz System". Both product lines have been continuously expanded and expanded in other health areas.

The brand's product range includes currently (2020) a total of over 170 products in 14 application areas such as “Cardiovascular", "Nerves & Calming", "Stomach and Digestion”, ”Muscles, bones, movement "or" Eye health “. Dietary supplements with vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids and other substances such as glucosamine, coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid or collagen are offered as mono preparations or combined preparations in various dosage forms.

Doppelherz follows the philosophy to base its products majorly on herbal medicines (e.g. garlic, artichoke, milk thistle, vegetable vitamin E). The medical products (e.g. eye drops, nasal sprays) also contain herbal ingredients and, in some cases, other natural ingredients such as sea water, alginate or zeolite.