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Doppelherz Seawater Nasal Spray 20 ml

Doppelherz Seawater Nasal Spray 20 ml

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  • Doppelherz Seawater Nasal Spray with its fine spray mist is a gentle help - also for the treatment of the upper respiratory tract - for nasal cavities, paranasal sinuses and the sensitive nasal mucous membrane.

    For colds and hay fever, Doppelherz Seawater Nasal Spray provides gentle support:
    The isotonic sea salt solution moistens and cleans the nasal mucous membrane when the air is dry or polluted with dust and pollen and prevents the so-called "dry nose". Natural essential oils support free breathing and provide a pleasant feeling of freshness immediately after application in case of a blocked nose.

    The combination of the ingredients moistens the irritated nasal mucous membrane, prevents the nose from drying out, and prepares for the subsidence of the cold.

  • 1 ml of solution contains:
    1 ml isotonic solution corresponding to a 0.9% sodium chloride solution consisting of sea salt solution and panthenol



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