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The German brand Dermaroller is a beauty brand specialized in so called micro needling or medical needling. This therapy is a well recognized treatment to improve skin alterations, especially scars, but sun-damaged skin, wrinkles and stretch marks. Often, this therapy category itself is also referred to as dermaroller. This refers to devices that are visually reminiscent of mini paint rollers, but are equipped with fine needles. And they are rolled over the face or other parts of the body....

The procedure, which many cosmetic studios also offer, is intended to ensure a more beautiful complexion. The reason for this is the micro-injuries and the subsequent inflammatory reactions caused by the needles in the upper layer of the skin. These inflammatory reactions are supposed to promote the skin's own self-healing powers and collagen production, which in turn is supposed to ensure a rejuvenated complexion. Micro needling is also said to be able to combat cellulite and the pores and pimple marks are also supposed to be reduced through the peeling effect of the needles.

The German brand Dermaroller offers a variety of products for this type of treatment. The products are well established in the luxury market segment. Originally, the products were especially used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Nowadays, however, the company also introduced products for the end consumer. The product range goes beyond the roller device and also includes a special care line with hyaluronic acid. This supplies the skin with moisture and plumps up wrinkles. Especially the hyaluronic acid ampoules have yield particularly well test results. This is very important because after a micro needling treatment, the skin is particularly well prepared for suitable care, because the active ingredients can now be better absorbed and penetrate the skin.

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