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Dermaroller Home Care Roller Set HC902

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  • Dermaroller Home Care Roller Hc902 - ensures a radiant, fresh complexion
    to create a clear, purer complexion
    removes dead skin cells
    can reduce blackheads, pimples
    can shrink pores
    stimulates the skin's own production colleagues
    promotes blood circulation
    The skin is up to two square meters, the largest human organ. With advancing age, but skin damage are increasing. The original Home Care Dermaroller HC902 can reduce age-and light-induced skin damage and help fresher and younger skin to a more even.
    The fine microneedles keep the pores open and prevent accumulation of sebum and resulting inflammation. Impurities decrease markedly. They stimulate the development of the epidermis, improve blood circulation and microcirculation. Your skin looks more even and youthful. The short microneedles of 0.2 millimeters in length to penetrate only into the top layer of skin (epidermis). Treatment with the Home Care Dermaroller HC902's nearly painless. This is also due to the high quality of the needles, which are manufactured under strict quality criteria in Germany and controls and are not comparable with products from the Far East.
    The Home Care Dermaroller HC902 is ideal to support a professional microneedling-Kur (needle lengths from 0.5 mm) at the dermatologist.

  • Clean the skin: Before using the Dermaroller HC902 is the thorough cleaning of the skin duty to be treated, since you can prevent the entry of bacteria into the top layer of skin that way. We recommend this to New Natural Line Skin Cleanser.
    2. Star-shaped application: Run the Dermaroller HC902 with light pressure on the treated skin areas. Roll it vertically, horizontally and diagonally through the skin. Roll each four times back and forth.
    3. Make sure that you stretch the skin with your fingers slightly to achieve fine lines and difficult to access optimal.
    4. applying care products: In order for the skin to recover well, let elapse after treatment about 10 to 15 minutes. Then apply a suitable care product. Particularly suitable are the products of the Dermaroller Hyaluronserie. You supply your skin with concentrated hyaluronic acid and bolster them on so from within.

    The correct manner of use of the Home Care Dermaroller HC902 is crucial for a good result. Follow these steps and your skin will improve after the first few applications.
    It is recommended that an application with the Home Care Roller evening 2-3 times a week

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