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Weleda Rhino Doron Nasal Spray 20 ml

by Weleda
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  • Description
  • Application
  • Ingredients
  • Weleda Rhino Doron Nasal Spray - Rhino Doron contains aloe vera in a physiological salt solution, it means the salt content is adapted to the human body fluids. In this way, the solution is very well tolerated by the mucous membranes.

    Rhino Doron is suitable for moisturizing, cleaning and care of the nasal cavities, especially in dry and irritated nasal mucosa and crusting. It supports the regeneration of nasal mucus-skin and promotes healing in crusting. Rhino Doron can also be applied preventively to maintain the nose, for example, in dry air in homes and offices, or as an accompanying measure for colds or hay fever season, when the nasal membranes are irritated. Rhino Doron is also indicated for the care of the nasal mucosa in infants who can not blow your nose himself. Rhino Doron is suitable for long-term use.
    When may Rhinodoron not be used?
    After nasal surgery and accidents in the nasal area as well as in case of hypersensitivity Aloe vera Rhinodoron should not be used.

    Take special care when using Rhinodoron?
    When used as directed, no special precautions are necessary. Let me know if you are suffering from diseases, have any allergies your doctor or use other medicines (including those purchased).
    What must be considered during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
    Rhinodoron may only be used during pregnancy and lactation.

    Rhinodoron is provided with a special spray system, which can be dispensed preservative. A special valve and filter system surely prevents microbial contamination of the bottle contents held by the nasal secretions or inflowing air. This is to ensure hygienic use even after prolonged use.

  • How to use:
    1-2 sprays into each nostril, 2-6 times daily.

  • 1 g isotonic solution contains 5 mg of sodium chloride, 5 mg potassium chloride, 5 mg Aloe vera gel, water for injections.
     Composition of Rhinodoron® nasal spray with aloe vera
     contains 1g Spray
     5 mg Aloe vera leaf extract
     5 mg of sodium chloride
     5 mg of potassium chloride
     Water for injections