Hot Pomegranate Granules 14 Pcs

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  • Dietary supplements for the body's defenses and immune system
     During the dank season our defense forces are particularly challenged. In addition to plenty of exercise, sufficient sleep and a healthy diet, additional vitamins and trace elements, such as Vitamin C and zinc, mobilize the body's defenses targeted.
     HERMES Cevitt® HOT POMEGRANATE - a strong quartet for your defenses
     Vitamin C, citrus flavonoids, zinc and inulin are complementary in their action by supporting the immune system in different ways.
     • Vitamin C production of immune cells supports
     • flavonoids, vitamin C support in its action
     • Zinc strengthens the immune cells long term
     • Inulin maintaining healthy intestinal flora supported, thus ensuring a strong defense
    The special vitamin C in HERMES Cevitt® HOT POMEGRANATE Vitamin C is very sensitive. It is easily destroyed by heat, light and oxygen. Particularly rapid degradation takes place in a combined action of heat and oxygen. These findings were considered in the development of HERMES Cevitt® hot drinks from the start. This vitamin C remains during preparation and get on prolonged standing.

  • 1 x daily share the contents of a sachet in a glass and hot with about 150 ml, not of boiling water. By briefly stirring the fine granules dissolve within seconds.

  • ingredients
     Inulin (75.1%), acidulant (citric acid, monosodium citrate), vitamin C,
     Pomegranate juice powder (3.8%), elderberry fruit powder, zinc gluconate, sweeteners
     (Acesulfame-K, aspartame), elderberry concentrate, release agents (silicon dioxide),
     Citrus extract rich in flavonoids, flavor.

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