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Hermes Cevitt

Cevitt Immune Hot Drink - Lemon (sugar free) 14 sachets

Cevitt Immune Hot Drink - Lemon (sugar free) 14 sachets

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  • Hermes Cevitt Hot lemon granulate, specially formulated Vitamin C is good and stable in hot water. Cevitt immun ® Hot Lemon takes up a tried and tested home remedy to support the immune system in a new form. 
     - Beverage granules with vitamin C, zinc, citrus flavonoids and the soluble fiber inulin.
     - Rich in vitamin C (51 mg vitamin C per 100g) food supplement 
     - The properties of the lemon support the immune defense and thus arm the body in the wet and cold season
     - Lemon juice was used in the 18th century to treat scurvy, a vitamin C deficiency disease

    Our grandparents already knew that heat and vitamin C are good for the immune system. However, in the past, much of the vitamin C was inevitably lost when heated.

    Not so with Cevitt immun ® Hot Lemon: HERMES research has succeeded in developing a recipe in which the heat-sensitive vitamin C remains stable! With Cevitt immun ® hot drinks you are on the safe side when it comes to vitamin C intake. The new recipe is rounded off with 10 mg zinc and citrus flavonoids.

  • Place the contents of a sachet in a tea glass once a day and pour about 150 ml of hot, no longer boiling water over it. By briefly stirring the fine granules dissolves in a matter of seconds.

    The dosage of vitamin C and micronutrients is selected so that Cevitt immun ® hot lemon can be consistently consumed in addition to your diet.

  • Food supplement:1 sachet of Cevitt immun ® hot lemon contains:

    300 mg of vitamin C.
    10 mg zinc
    Citrus flavonoids



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