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Cevitt Immune Hot Drink - Elderberry (sugar free) 14 sachets

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  • Hot elderberry offers a welcome change and a pleasant taste experience. But Cevitt immune ® hot elderberry not only tastes good, it also does something for your immune system . Because it supplies your body with vitamin C and zinc.

    As with all Cevitt immun ® hot drinks, the refined recipe ensures that the heat-sensitive vitamin C remains stable even at higher temperatures or when left to stand for a long time. So you can fully utilize the vitamin C content.

    Dietary supplements for the body's defenses and immune system
     • Vitamin C production of immune cells supports
     • Flavonoids are secondary plant substances. They protect the vitamin C and improve its absorption.
     • Zinc strengthens the immune cells long term
     • with a balanced mixture of vitamin C (300 mg) and zinc (10 mg). 
    The trace element zinc and the water-soluble vitamin C are essential for our defense. The daily supply of zinc and vitamin C in the form of Cevitt immun ® hot drinks thus contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

  • Place the contents of a sachet in a tea glass once a day and pour about 150 ml of hot, no longer boiling water over it. By briefly stirring the fine granules dissolves in a matter of seconds.
    The dosage of vitamin C and micronutrients is chosen so that Cevitt immune ® hot elder can be consumed in addition to your diet.

  • 1 sachet of Cevitt immun ® hot elder contains:

    300 mg of vitamin C.
    10 mg zinc
    Citrus flavonoids