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Cevitt Immune Hot Drink - Orange (sugar free) 14 Pcs

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  • Hermes Cevitt Hot Drink - Orange is a sugar free dietary supplement drink. Beverage granules with vitamin C, zinc, orange juice powder and citrus flavonoids. Dietary supplement with sweeteners and tasty ginger.

    The hot drink with orange juice powder and tasty ginger provides plenty of vitamin C and zinc. At the same time you feel the soothing warmth from inside while drinking. In addition, you play it safe when it comes to vitamin C supply. Because the vitamin C, which is usually very sensitive to heat, the influence of light and oxygen, is present in the Cevitt immun ® hot drinks in a special formulation so that it remains particularly stable - even after preparation with hot water.

    - special formula with hot-resistance vitamin C, therefore good in hot water
    - easy form to get extra intake of vitamin C and zinc
    - Food supplement 
    - Flavonoids are secondary plant substances. They protect the vitamin C and improve its absorption.
    A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice is a tried and true home remedy for improving vitamin C intake. But especially when it is wet and windy outside and the temperatures drop, we often feel more like a hot drink. So how about Cevitt immune ® Hot Orange Sugar Free ?

    Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Place the contents of a sachet in a tea glass once a day and pour about 150 ml of hot, no longer boiling water over it. By briefly stirring the fine granules dissolves in a matter of seconds.

    The dosage of vitamin C and micronutrients is selected so that Cevitt immun ® hot orange sugar-free can be consistently consumed in addition to your diet.

  •  1 sachet of Cevitt immun ® Hot Orange Sugar Free contains:

    300 mg of vitamin C.
    10 mg zinc
    Citrus flavonoids

    Maltodextrin, acidifier (sodium citrate), vitamin C, acidifier (citric acid), orange juice powder (1.9%), Zinc sulfate, citrus extract with flavonoids,
    Ginger powder (1%), beetroot powder, Rice starch, acidity regulator (calcium carbonate), release agent (silicon dioxide), Colorant (riboflavins), sweeteners
    (Acesulfame K, sucralose), aroma.

    Dietary supplements with sweeteners and

    Orange flavor, additionally refined with ginger. Beverage granules with vitamin C, zinc and citrus flavonoids.