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Save extra 5% when buy 5 of any Deodorant & Anti-Perspirant
Save extra 5% when buy 5 of any Deodorant & Anti-Perspirant

Cevitt Immune Direct 20 sachets

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  • Cevitt® immun direct supports the immune system. Cevitt® immun direct contains 300 mg of vitamin C in the form of depot beads. Just tear the sachet, and consume directly, perfect for busy urban lifestyle or people have problem in swallow capsules. With depot tecgnology, nutrients are releasted in expended time for better body absorption. 150 mg of vitamin C are directly available to the body, and another 150 mg of vitamin C are coated and are released over several hours. 

    Vitamin C is not only an important building block for a normally functioning immune system, but also serves as a radical scavenger.

    Zinc should also not be underestimated for the function of the immune system. In addition, 5 mg citrus flavonoids are included as a helper of vitamin C, as well as the amino acid histidine (50 mg), which in turn improves the absorption of zinc in the body.

    • Practical: the powder dissolves in the mouth without any water, no need to swallow capsule
    • Cevitt® immun direct contains 300 mg vitamin C and 10 mg zinc, spports natural defenses
    • Free of: sugar, gluten and lactose
    • Intelligent depot nutrient release: 50% of vitamin C is available directly, 50% are released over several hours.
    • Fruity citrus taste.

    An intact immune system is essential for us - because it protects us from pathogens. Even if the first symptoms of a cold are already noticeable, a strong defense can help to influence the course of the cold more favorably.

    Already 1 sachet of Cevitt® immun direct covers the daily requirement of zinc 100 percent, the vitamin C content of 300 mg corresponds to 375 percent of the recommended daily requirement! Especially during the cold period, it makes sense to support the immune system both preventively and with the first signs of a cold.

  • 1 sachet of Cevitt® immun direct once a day *
    Simply melts the powder on the tongue and consume. 

    Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Store the product out of the reach of small children.

  •  1 sachet contains 300 mg vitamin C, 5 mg citrus flavonoids, 10 mg zinc, 50 mg histidine.