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Cetebe Defense Plus Vitamin C + Vitamin D3 + Zinc Cape. 120 pcs

by Cetebe
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  • There are times and situations when the immune system is particularly challenged:

    - to support the immune system in the cold and wet season, when colds occur more often
    - with heavy physical exertion
    - with stress (increased susceptibility to respiratory infections)

    Then Cetebe Defense plus can provide meaningful support for the immune system, because with vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc it supplies important vital substances for the immune system:

    300 mg high-dose ZEITPERLEN ("retard pearls") vitamin C
    10 μg vitamin D in the form of effective vitamin D3
    10 mg zinc in the form of zinc gluconate, which can be absorbed particularly well by the body (high bioavailability).
    All three nutrients contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system and are involved in different processes: Vitamin C is important for the non-specific immune system and supports, among other things, the body's first line of defense: It is highly concentrated in white blood cells, the viruses that have entered the body or fight bacteria. Zinc plays an important role in the specific immune system. It is also required for the production of special cells, the so-called natural killer cells.

    Vitamin D is involved in processes in both the non-specific and the specific immune system. It stimulates the formation of certain substances in the unspecific immune system, which ensure that pathogens can reproduce less well. It is also required to activate certain harmless immune cells and convert them into killer cells that fight the infection.