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Rausch Coltsfoot Anti-Dandruff Lotion 200 ml

Rausch Coltsfoot Anti-Dandruff Lotion 200 ml

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    With Rausch Coltsfoot Anti-dandruff Lotion, normal and dry dandruff disappear sustainably. This is thanks to the unique combination of active ingredients with Coltsfoot and Burdock root extract.

     • Freed from dandruff
     • Vegetable, gentle and mild
     • Relieves itching and redness
     • Coltsfoot extract: (Tussilago farfara) rich in mucilage - dissolves dandruff and is slightly antiseptic, irritating and anti-inflammatory
     • Lemon balm distillate: (Mellisa officinalis) rich in essential oil like citrate - has a bacteriostatic effect
     • Burdock root extract: (Arcticum lappa) contains essential oils and tannins - has a bacteriostatic effect
     • Dermatological elemental sulfur: (Sulfur) keratolytic action (softening the cornea) - loosens dandruff from the scalp

    Heavy dandruff and an encrusted scalp require pretreatment with Rausch Coltsfoot Anti-dandruff Lotion. Plant extracts of coltsfoot dandruff lotion. Plant extracts of coltsfoot, lemon balm and burdock root actively combat stuBBorn, dry or oily dandruff. Slightly antiseptic, it reduces redness and itching of the scalp. The Rausch Coltsfoot Anti-dandruff Lotion also contains dermatological elemental sulfur which acts keratolytically. 

    The effectiveness of Rausch Coltsfoot ANTIDANDRUFF SHAMPOO and LOTION has been proven in clinical studies.
    After 4 weeks of use a reduction in dandruff of 83% was noted


    Shake the Coltsfoot Dandruff Lotion well, apply evenly to the scalp and leave for a few hours or overnight. Then wash your hair. Also supporting milk scurf.


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