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Unlock Extra Savings: Get €10 Off Your €150 Cart with Code SPRING24

Nestle Resource ThickenUp Clear Powder 125 g

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Original price €29,00
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  • Nestle Resource ThickenUp Clear is recommended for the following areas of application: Swallowing disorders / dysphagia

    Resource drinking foods should not be used for all diseases or conditions in which oral ingestion is contraindicated.

    - tasteless thickener
    - up to 3.75 times more productive than conventional thickeners
    - amylase resistant - thickening consistency remains in the mouth
    - uniform dosage for all liquids
    - does not clump or thicken
    - no impairment of color, taste and smell of the thickened - even clear liquid remains clear
    - Flavor: neutral

  • ThickenUp Clear for all liquids for a defined consistency. For 100ml liquid:
    - 1 measuring spoon for nectar-like consistency
    - 2 measuring spoons for a honey-like consistency
    - 3 measuring spoons for pudding-like consistency
    Suitable for thickening cold and warm drinks, soups, sauces and pureed dishes.
    Please note the preparation instructions on the packaging!

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