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Alopexy 5% Solution 60ml x 3

by Alopexy
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  • Description
  • Application
  • Ingredients
  • ALOPEXY ® reactivates hair growth. ALOPEXY® 5% combats hereditary hair loss in men where it occurs: right at the hair root! Because as long as the hair roots are still active and productive, they can recover and ensure the growth of healthy, strong hair.

     • Effective solution against hair loss 
     • Targeted action at the root
     • Clinically tested

    Once a hair root has receded, it cannot be saved. For this reason, hereditary hair loss should be treated early. The aim is to stop the progression of hair loss and thus counteract hair loss. If treatment is started early enough, the chances of success are good.

    Moderate hereditary androgenetic alopecia (excessive hair loss) in men. ALOPEXY ® 5% solution should not be used by women, as abnormal hair growth (hypertrichosis) is often to be expected.

  • Always use the medicine exactly as directed. Please check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.

    The usual dose is 1 ml applied twice a day to the scalp area to be treated. The amounts applied daily should not exceed 2 ml, regardless of the size of the area to be treated.

    • Wash hands thoroughly before and after applying the solution.
    • Hair and scalp must be completely dry before application.
    • Use your fingertips to spread the medicine over the entire scalp area to be treated. Start in the middle of the area to be treated.
    • You must not use the medicine on other parts of the body.
    • Instructions for use:
      • The application depends on the respective application system: dosing dropper or dosing pump with applicator.

      • Dosing dropper
        • With the dosing dropper, 1 ml of solution can be precisely measured and applied to the entire area to be treated.

      • Dosing pump with applicator
        • This application system is suitable for use on small areas of the scalp or under the hair.
        • 1. Place the applicator on the pump. To do this, hold the pump firmly at the bottom and at the same time press the top of the applicator.
        • 2. Completely unscrew the cap from the bottle. The white originality ring should remain on the bottle.
        • 3. Insert the spray device with attached applicator into the bottle and screw tight.
        • 4. Before using the pump for the first time, operate the pump several times until liquid emerges. The application system is now ready for use.
        • 5. Use: Point the applicator tip at the center of the area to be treated or under the hair, press the pump once and distribute the solution with your fingertips.
        • To apply a dose of 1 ml, repeat this process a total of 6 times.
        • Rinse applicator with warm water after each use.

  • The active substance: Minoxidil. 1 ml solution contains 50 mg Minoxidil (5%).
    The other ingredients: Propylene glycol, Ethanol (96%), Purified Water.