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Sale of the Week
Sale of the Week

Miradent Protho Brush - De Luxe blue 1 pcs

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  • Miradent Protho Brush - De Luxe blue, a denture toothbrush with ergonomically shaped finger-shaped handle. 

    • Octagonal handle for safe handling (e.g. with restricted mobility)
    • Large bristle field for cleaning the surfaces of prostheses
    • V-shaped bristle field cleans the inside perfectly

    Careful oral hygiene is also important for denture wearers. Food residues, bacteria and deposits adhere particularly well to prostheses and retaining elements. This leads to plaque, gum disease and damage to the jawbone. It therefore affects the fit, the comfort of the prosthesis and brings with it unpleasant bad breath.

    The miradent denture brush has been thought through down to the last detail:
    The large, ergonomically shaped finger-shaped handle makes cleaning dentures easier, especially for older people. The large bristle field is suitable for the surfaces of the prostheses. With the V-shaped small bristle field, the hard-to-reach insides can be cleaned perfectly.

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