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Sale - Save up to 70 %
Sale - Save up to 70 %

Miradent Plaque Test Tablets Mira-2-Tone 6 pcs

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  • 0Plaque test tablets for up to twelve applications. 

    Mira-2-tone plaque test tablets

    • Chewable tablets stain plaque
    • Double staining: older plaque turns blue, newer plaques turn pink
    • Simple application
    • Without menthol, gluten and erythrosine (E127)

    The miradent plaque test has proven itself for years in the dental practice. The tablets impressively color plaque. Older plaque is shown in blue, newer in pink. For the plaque test, place a tablet (possibly half a tablet in the case of children) on the tongue, bite it and spread it around the mouth with some saliva, spit it out - done! The stains can be easily removed by simply brushing your teeth. miradent plaque test tablets are erythrosine-free.

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