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Double Discount: extra 20% off on all Eucerin products. Use code 20EUCERIN

cdVet MicroMineral (Pet) 1000 g

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Original price €26,95
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  • Description
  • Application
  • Ingredients
  • Complementary feed for dogs and cats

    cdVet MicroMineral contains 100% purely natural ingredients such as algae, algae lime, grape seed extract and brewer's yeast, which are rich in natural, easily available micronutrients such as minerals, trace elements, vitamins, etc. Due to its vegetable origin, the detoxification organs are not further burdened, which enables an optimal, natural micronutrient supply with calcium, magnesium, a complete complex of essential trace elements and alginates. A shortage situation quickly arises, particularly when feeding ready-made feed, because many substances are damaged, changed or destroyed by industrial and thermal processing. Synthetic fabrics cannot completely remedy this deficiency. Therefore cdVet MicroMineral should not be missing in any feeding.

    As an additive to dry food, canned meat and also in fresh meat feeding, for natural mineralization and vitamin protection.

    Particular attention must be paid to the optimal supply of micronutrients:

    • in growth
    • in the coat change
    • in training and competition
    • in breeding use
    • with stress
    • for coat and skin problems
    • in older animals
    • for metabolic problems and allergies

    Possible consequences of a lack of trace elements and micronutrients:

    • Problems changing fur
    • flaky skin
    • dull fur
    • Developmental delay
    • Degeneration of bones and joints
    • weakened immune system
    • early signs of aging
    • Susceptibility to stress
    • Labor difficulties

    Expert tip :
    A disturbed intestinal flora is often another cause of deficiency symptoms. We therefore recommend 14 days of intensive feeding with cdVet DarmRein. Further signs of a deficiency in feeding are, for example, eating rubbish (such as dirt, excrement etc.) and delayed coat change. An optimal supply of minerals, trace elements and vitamins supports the physiological organ functions and metabolic processes and is a prerequisite for a healthy life.

    Mineral feed supplements for dogs and cats

  • Analytical constituents and contents :
    calcium 18.3%, magnesium 1.25%, potassium 0.65%, phosphorus <0.25%, sodium 0.65%, ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid 4.0%

    recommendation : Dogs give 1/2 measuring spoon per 10kg body weight daily over the food, cats 1/3 measuring spoon daily

    1 level measuring spoon corresponds to approx. 7g

  • Algae lime, brewer's yeast, malt germ, algae, grape seeds extracted