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Fortiflex 225 Tablets (Pet) 30 pcs

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  • To support joint cartilage, tendons and ligaments in dogs and cats

    To support joint cartilage, tendons and ligaments in dogs and cats

    Chondroitin sulfate is a natural glucosaminoglycan (GAG) and forms the main component of healthy joint cartilage. It maintains the elasticity and lubricity in the cartilage and therefore protects the joint from degenerative changes. The chondroitin sulfate in Fortiflex is 95% pure and has a particularly small molecule size of just 20 kDa. It is particularly well absorbed and transported to the place where it happened: the articular cartilage.

    Chitosan: the perfect partner for chondroitin sulfate.
    In order for the valuable chondroitin sulfate to reach the tissue as quickly and completely as possible, Virbac has encased it in a patented combination with chitosan. This duo has two advantages:

    Chondroitin sulfate is protected from being broken down by digestive enzymes.
    It gets into the target tissue faster and more completely.

    Chitosan as a "protective coat"
    During the gastrointestinal passage, the positively charged chitosan is attached to the negatively charged surface of the chondroitin sulfate and forms polyelectrolyte complexes. In this way, the chondroitin sulfate is protected against degradation by digestive enzymes (Denuzière, 2000).

    Chitosan as a "transport
    aid " During the resorption process through the intestinal wall, the chitosan separates from the chondroitin sulfate and reacts with the negatively charged cell membrane of the ephitel. This causes the opening of the passageways and the way for the chondroitin sulfate is free. (Felt et al., 1998)

    Result: The patented combination of chondroitin sulfate with chitosan causes a particularly high bioavailability and thus optimal activity in the joint cartilage.

    Fortiflex: the delicious head start!
    Safe and regular intake is crucial for the success of a feed supplement. 

    New: now with epigallocatechin
    gallate Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is a natural component of green tea.
    EGCG has the following properties:

    high antioxidant potential
    reduces cartilage breakdown
    inhibits the inflammatory effects of interleukin-1
    Conclusion: EGCG extends the protective effects of Fortiflex against the breakdown of articular cartilage.

  • Tasty chewable tablets that are given out of the hand like a reward and received with enthusiasm

    Three presentations for dogs of all sizes

    Fortiflex 225 also for cats
    Simple feeding schedule: one tablet daily (for cats: half a tablet)

    Practical packaging: 30 tablets correspond to a monthly requirement
    Cure administration: After one to two months, the application can be paused

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