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Unlock Extra Savings: Get €10 Off Your €150 Cart with Code SPRING24

Medesign Ear Candles 10 pcs

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Original price €31,73
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  • Description
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  • Medesign ear candles that made of pure beeswax. The original medesign waxo ear candles are a wellness product.

    The circulating warm air of the small flame creates a slight vibration of the air column inside the ear candle, which is transmitted to the eardrum.

    These vibrations stimulate the middle ear. A pleasant, soothing, calming and
    relaxing effect is often described immediately after the application .

    The application, embedded in a lovingly facing ceremony, gives you a secure and balanced feeling.


    Do not use ear candles if you have a perforated eardrum and an implanted ear tube or if you have inflammation or diseases of the ears or throat.

  • For safety reasons, ear candles are not for personal use.

    Because of the possible fire hazard, the application must always be carried out by a second person (e.g. specialist staff, partner) and monitored continuously.

    Have a glass of water or sand ready to extinguish the remains of the ear candle.

    The candle is lit on the unlabeled side and slowly placed on the outer ear canal until the candle finally rests on the outer ear.

    Let the candle burn up to 1 cm above the red mark.

    Then extinguish the candle in the provided water / sand glass.

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