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Order €120+, Get Extra 5% Off With Code: WEEKEND

Bergland Tea Tree Natural Foot Cream 100 ml

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Original price €11,85
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  • Bergland Tea Tree Foot Cream with jojoba oil and tea tree oil from organic agriculture as well as arnica and lavender oil. Ideal for stressed feet. Has a preventive effect in foot perspiration and foot odor.

    Leaves skin fresh and supple. Bergland Tea Tree Foot Cream is deodorising and soothing with the combination of tea tree oil (kbA) with moss extract. Refreshes with foot sweat and foot odor. Active ingredients include: Tea tree oil (kbA), moss extract, lavender oil, arnica oil, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, beeswax.

    Bergland Tea Tree Foot Cream cares for stressed feet, foot sweat, foot odor; For therapy-accompanying care for athlete's foot, nail fungus and nail bed infections.

    • with an emulsifier on a natural basis
    • PEG-free
    • without preservative substances
    • without petroleum products such as vaseline and paraffin
    • without raw materials from the dead animal
    • without artificial perfume
    • without alcohol

  • To care for aching feet, foot perspiration and foot odor. Apply regularly to the feet and massage gently.

  • Wasser dem., C20-Guerbet Alkohol, pflanzliches Glycerin, Fettalkohol, Mandel-Öl, Triglycerylmonostearat, Glycerylmonostearat, Alkohol, mittelkettige Triglyceride, Bio Jojoba-Öl, pflanzliches Betain, Bio Teebaum-Öl, Soja-Öl, Glycerolestermischung, Arnikablütenextrakt, Weizenkeim-Öl, Xanthan, natürliche Parfümkomposition, Lavendel-Öl, natürliches Vitamin E, Natriumhydroxid, Bartflechten CO2-Extrakt, Bio Sonnenblumen-Öl, Polyglyceryl caprylate, Polyglyceryl palmitate, Rosmarin CO2-Extrakt, pflanzliches Lecithin, Duftstoffformulierung, natürliche Inhaltsstoffe etherisches Öl und Parfümöl