Mascara Magic

Mascara Magic

Long, curved and full of flutter, beauty fans over the world dream of eyelashes that cause a stir. The reality, though, is not as perfect as it could be. Whether it's a lack of length, an absence of volume, a curl that just missing, or the right color that matches the one of the hair.

That is why majority of beauty fans have more than 1 mascara in the beauty box. The dash of wand that helps to create the charming eyes and highlight the windows of soul.

Let's gather some of the expert opinions to see how we actually can create the perfect eye lashes. 

Applying Mascara

Coat both sides of your top lashes in order to seal in the formula and achieve double the amount of volume. I also like to wiggle the wand at the base of my lash line from side to side in order to allow my lashes to curl and achieve maximum volume.

Do Not Forget the Bottom Lashes

This opens the eyes. Using coloured mascara on the lower lashes to make your eye colour pop can create a more dramatic effect. 



Tipps to get better lashes down:

Pop a primer on:

To avoid seeing your mascara smudged onto your upper or lower eyelids as soon as you've left the house make sure you use an eyelid primer underneath your makeup. 

How to avoid flaking

To avoid clumps, caking and flaking, you can wipe the brush clean with a tissue for a clean, flake-free application before applying. Also, remove any excess mascara from both ends of the bristles, discarding it on the end of the inner tube.

Avoid Drying Out

Don't pump the wand as this fills it with air, drying out the formula.


Of course, it makes so much sense to ensure the skin is perfect around eye area when you put on volume mascara to draw attention.






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