What to do with dry baby skin?

What to do with dry baby skin?

1. What is dry skin of children?

Children's skin is in principle more sensitive than mature adult skin. It is thinner and sensitive to environmental influences (sun, chemical substances, allergens, etc.). From birth to the age of six years, the natural protective function of the skin is particularly reduced and requires special care. This sensitivity can manifest itself through dry skin of the baby.


Usually, healthy children suffer from dry skin because they were given the predisposition. The symptoms can vary from barely noticeable to severely affecting. Symptoms of dry skin on children should not be underestimated, as they can also be a sign of atopic dermatitis. Chapped and dry skin of children with itching require special care and care in everyday life.

2. Symptoms of dry child skin

What is dry skin for children? Dry skin of children can be dull and tense. In particular, the feelings of tension after washing. Creaming is perceived as facilitating. Often dry children's skin flakes and looks brittle. Very dry baby skin contracts easily and becomes frayed and cracked. Cracked skin of children is particularly prone to inflammation.

Dry and chapped baby skin is usually accompanied by itching. Is your child scratching often? Dry child skin does not always become visually visible immediately. Children often do not tell their parents every sensation. Therefore, frequent scratching may be an indication for dry skin. Especially on the elbows, arms and shins itches dry skin.

3. Causes dry baby skin

The causes of dry baby skin are a disturbed barrier function of the skin. The moisture of the skin can escape. In addition, the permeability to germs and bacteria is increased. This lack of barrier function is often inherited by the parents. Often a parent suffers from dry skin and has genetically passed on this predisposition to the child.

But stress, increased sweating, localized skin irritation, allergies (such as food, pollen) or cigarette smoke in the child's environment can also be the trigger. The diagnosis of dry baby skin often results in allergy tests and everyday observations. Important points in dry children's skin are nutrition and hygiene. But the dry baby skin diet does not exist. It must be individually tailored, with plenty of fruit and vegetables and little sugar and white flour.

4. What helps with dry children's skin?

The most important thing to take care of the itching of the dry child skin is proper care. A cream for dry children's skin should be well chosen. Products with moisturizing effect are usually perceived as beneficial. Water-in-oil emulsions with evening primrose oil (gamma-linolenic acid) makes the skin softer and smoother.

Eubos care series are dedicated to the problems of dry skin of children with success. The series Baby & Kid (Haut Ruhe) by Eubos does not contain skin-irritating colors and perfumes. The Baby & Kid Lotion is ideal for daily full body care. The Baby & Kid Face Cream is tailored to the particularly demanding skin areas of the face.


In the evening, a massage with body oils for chapped children's skin. If you want to invest in dry children's skin in prevention, a regular oil treatment is recommended. Evening primrose oil has a calming effect on dry children's skin with itching. Evening primrose oil creams such as SKIN CALM CREME support the natural barrier function of the skin. Coconut oil has many beneficial properties, has antiviral and antibacterial properties and reduces the symptoms of psoriasis and eczema.

Skin Friendly Bath Oil for Dry Children Skin 

If bathed in the evening, the oil can be applied directly to the still moist skin. This will save even more moisture in the skin. Also, a bath oil can be dropped as the sole bath additive in the bath water to protect the sensitive skin. Bath additives, shower gels etc. damage the natural protective film of the skin. Pure water with a high-quality bath oil, such as the Baby & Kid Bath Oil, soothes the tender skin of children and baby instead of harming it.

Alternatively, oiling can be combined with a relaxing massage before going to bed. Put an old towel on the bed and gently massage the whole body with the oil. Then you can start hatching right away in your pajamas. So body care becomes a relaxing evening ritual.

5. Dry children's skin requires caution

To get the diagnosis of dry skin, the symptoms should be discussed with your pediatrician. An experienced pediatrician can give important tips and rule out serious skin conditions. Many paediatricians also like to prescribe their own care creams (with olive oil, evening primrose oil, etc.), which are mixed for you in the pharmacy.

What helps dry skin?

It requires caution against external influences. For the protection of the tender skin of children, use detergents and especially softeners (as they are no longer rinsed out), which are labeled with sensitive. There are fewer chemical additives that may be sensitive to children's skin. It is also advisable to do without softener altogether.

Sun Protection is Required

Rely on a high-quality sunscreen with the highest possible sun protection factor. The Baby & Kid Sun Protection Cream Gel SPF30 from EUBOS convinced without perfume and alcohol, but with active cell and DNA protection. The effects of sun exposure on sensitive baby and baby skin is still underestimated. Sun protection is indispensable for children, especially as a dry child skin prevention.

6. Dry baby skin in babies

Baby skin is particularly sensitive and requires special care. Dry baby skin is common and can be treated well. The range of skin problems of our little ones is huge and ranges from head gnee, over rashes to dry skin / neurodermatitis. Dry skin is often a purely cosmetic problem in infants.

Unfortunately, it can also be a precursor for the skin disease eczema. The typical red, dry cheeks of babies are an indication and indicate dry skin for children. Reddened skin on the arms and legs should be taken seriously and make clear the dry condition of the baby's skin.

Treat Dry Baby Skin Correctly

To help dry baby skin or to prevent it, the following care tips are recommended:

  • Regular skin care with a special cream for dry children's skin (e.g. Baby & Kid Cream)
  • As rare as possible full baths, prefer the washcloths or partial baths
  • For full baths use only lukewarm water and bath oils instead of shower gel
  • Proper clothing to avoid sweating or freezing
  • Sensitive Use detergent and fabric conditioner 

Source: Eubos

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