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NeproTec 2-phase Capsules 180 cap

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  • NeproTec 2-phase capsules, a new concept for nutrient supply according to the biorhythm.

    Scientifically based food supplement with a unique, patented concept for increased performance and active health care.

    The patented principle of biorhythmal nutrient supply:
    With NeproTec, the body receives the most important vital substances, nutrients and protective substances in scientifically coordinated amounts and at the time when they can best be used.

    What does NeproTec do?
    Contributes to the improvement performance

    - Contributes to the acceleration of the regeneration
    - Improvement of cell protection for a stable immune system
    - Consideration of the different needs for vital substances, nutrients and protective substances according to the biorhythms

    Who needs NeproTec?
    - Performance-oriented people in work, school, university and sport
    - Older people with their increased need for vital substances, nutrients and protective substances
    - People with one-sided nutrition or malnutrition
    - People who are under pressure to perform and stress