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Aptamil Pronutra PRE Baby Formula First Infant Milk 800g

by Aptamil
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  • Aptamil PRE from birth initial milk is specially tailored to the needs of your baby in the respective development phase. It contains a patented fiber blend and LCPs - long-chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids that babies cannot produce sufficiently in the first few months

    • With LCPs (long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids)
    • Patented fiber blend
    • Tailored to your baby's needs

    Aptamil Pronutra Pre can be given from birth as sole food or as a supplement and - like breast milk - fed as often and as much as your baby needs. Suitable until the end of the bottle age.

  • Always reseal an opened pack well by pressing the hand symbol on the lid until it clicks into place. Store dry and out of heat.

  • please refer to the package or the information from Aptamil