Pronutra Growing-Up Milk 1+ 600 g

by Aptamil
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  • Aptamil Pronutra Growing-up Milk 1+ is a valuable milk formula for children over 1 year. With its age-appropriate formulation, it is an excellent supplement for the infant diet as its special combination of important nutrients contributes to your child's healthy future.
    Aptamil Pronutra Growing-up Milk 1+ can be used as a milk drink at breakfast, dinner or in between meals as part of a balanced and age-appropriate diet for toddlers.

    • Vitamins A, C and D — to help ensure a healthy immune system
    • Vitamin D and calcium — for normal bone growth and development
    • Iodine — important for the function and growth of the thyroid hormone
    • Age-appropriate, reduced protein content
    • Patented GOS/FOS

    An age-appropriate diet is important for healthy growth and development after the first year of life. Between their first and third year of life, toddlers require 3 times more unsaturated fatty acids, 4 times more calcium, and 7 times more vitamin D per kilo of bodyweight than adults daily. Milk continues to play an important role because it contains essential nutrients that your child needs every day.

    Aptamil Pronutra Growing-up Milk 1+ is based on the latest scientific recommendations. It does not contain any flavouring substances and is packed with nutrition tailored for your toddler’s stage

    Dental Notice: Aptamil Pronutra Growing-up Milk 1+ is tailored for children from one year old to drink from the cup. If you choose to serve it in a bottle, do not let your child suck on it continuously. Frequently or continuously sucking of milk containing carbohydrates out of a bottle can cause severe tooth cavities and thereby impair health. When your baby's first tooth appears, it’s important to do thorough dental care, especially before bedtime.

  • Aptamil Pronutra Growing-up Milk 1+ is tasty either warm or cold. We recommend taking approximately 300ml of milk per day as part of a balanced diet for toddlers. Use the included measuring spoon only.

    Store in a cool, dry place

  • Skimmed milk, whey product (demineralised whey, whey protein concentrate) (from milk), oligosaccharide (galactooligosaccharide (from milk), fructooligosaccharide), palm oil, lactose (from milk), sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, potassium orthophosphate, calcium orthophosphate, fish oil, magnesium citrate, calcium carbonate, emulsifier (soya lecithin), vitamin C, iron(II) sulfate, magnesium orthophosphate, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B2, biotin, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, potassium iodide, vitamin K.

    Produced without the use of ingredients containing gluten — gluten-free.