Pronutra 3 Baby Formula Powder 800 g

by Aptamil
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  • Aptamil Pronutra 3 Baby Formula Powder is specifically designed to meet your baby's special dietary requirements from the 10th month onwards and supports its age-appropriate development:

    • Following any other follow-up
    • As part of a mixed diet

    Aptamil Pronutra 3 Baby Formula Powder is with Pronutra recipe. Already in the first three years of life, crucial foundations are laid for the future development of your baby, a. the right diet has an important influence. Therefore, after breastfeeding, the Aptamil Pronutra 3 Baby Formula Powder supports the normal brain development of your baby through the Omega-3 fatty acid ALA and contributes to a healthy immune system through the vitamins A, C and D.

    Aptamil Pronutra 3 Baby Formula Powder is a result of more than 40 years of research on breast milk:

    • Supports your baby's normal brain development and immune system
    • Adapted to the special needs of your baby from the 10th month
    • LCPs are long chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids
    • LCP Milupan®,LCPs are long chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids
    • Omega-3 fatty acid ALA *,supports the normal brain and nerve cell function of your baby
    • Patented GOS / FOS **,A unique fiber blend developed in our research
    • Vitamins A, C and D contribute to a healthy immune system

    Nutrition Notice: The unique composition of the mother's milk provides your baby from the first day all the nutrients it needs to develop age-appropriate. Breastfeeding is therefore the best for your baby. Scientists and Aptamil experts have been researching the mother's milk for more than 40 years and are continually developing milk production so that they always meet the latest recommendations from dietitians.

  • Standard:15g powder + 90ml drinking water = 100ml ready to drink food

    The measuring spoon supplied with each pack is approx. 5 g Aptamil 3.

    • Boil fresh, boiled drinking water and allow to cool to about 40 ° C and add 2/3 of the required amount of water to the bottle.
    • For an exact dosing of the powder, remove the attached measuring spoon on the scraper. Please use only the enclosed measuring spoon. Add the required amount of powder to the bottle.
    • Store the measuring spoon in the tray holder.
    • Shake the bottle and shake vigorously, add the remaining potable water and shake the contents of the bottle again.
    • Open the bottle and attach the teat. Check bottle contents for drinking temperature (approx. 37 ° C).

    Please observe the instructions for use when preparing the milk. Improper preparation can lead to health impairment by growth of unwanted germs. Prepare the food fresh before each meal and feed it immediately. Do not reuse food residues. Thoroughly clean the bottle, teat and ring. Do not heat the micro-food in the microwave (danger of overheating).

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