Aptamil Profutura PRE Start milk from birth, 800g

by Aptamil
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  • Aptamil Profutura Pre Baby Formula Powder Safebox supports the natural development of your baby by age-appropriate nutrition. It has an unique composition which is a combination of many years of research into the influence of early childhood nutrition on the future development and the over 40 years of knowledge about breast milk.

    Each mother is particularly concerned about the welfare of her baby. Current scientific findings indicate that max. 20% of a baby's future health is characterized by his genes. Mind. 80% are determined by external factors at a young age, which can influence you positively from the beginning. Nutrition plays an important role in this process. Aptamil Profutura Pre Baby Formula Powder is exactly adapted to the nutritional needs of your baby from birth and supports its future development:

    • from birth as a sole food or feed
    • can be given as often and as much as mother's milk, according to the needs of your baby
    • up to the end of the bottle switch

    Through an age-appropriate diet you have the chance to characterize the natural development of your baby right from the start. The unique composition of the Aptamil Profutura Pre Baby Formula Powder assays helps you lay the foundation for the healthy future of your baby even after breastfeeding.

    Number of meals and drink per bottle vary individually. Therefore the indicated drinking volumes and the number of vials per day are only recommended. A measuring spoon is 4.5 g.

    Please observe the instructions for use when preparing infant milk. Improper preparation can lead to health impairment by growth of unwanted germs. Prepare the food fresh before each meal and feed it immediately. Do not reuse food residues. Thoroughly clean the bottle, teat and ring. Do not heat the micro-food in the microwave (danger of overheating).

    For nutrition: Breastfeeding is the best diet for your baby. Please talk to your pediatrician or your midwife if you want to use a baby's first food.
    Tooth Health: All infant formulas contain carbohydrates. Improper administration of carbohydrate foods by frequent or lasting sucking from the vial can cause severe caries and thus impair health. Keep the vial by yourself and do not leave it to your child.

    Dental Health Notice: All infant formula contains carbohydrates. Frequent or continuous sucking on formula can cause severe tooth cavities and therefore impair health. Hold the bottle yourself and do not let your child suck continuously.

  • Standard solution:

    13.6 g powder + 90 ml drinking water = 100 ml ready to drink food

    • Allow fresh, boiled drinking water to cool to about 40 ° C and add 2/3 of the required amount of water to the bottle
    • For an exact dosing of the powder, remove the attached measuring spoon on the scraper. Please use only the enclosed measuring blobs. Add the required amount of powder to the bottle
    • Store the measuring spoon in the tray holder.
    • Shake the bottle and shake vigorously, add the remaining potable water and shake the contents of the bottle again
    • Open the bottle and attach the teat. Check bottle contents for drinking temperature (approx. 37 ° C).

  • demineralized whey powder (milk), lactose (milk), skimmed milk, milk fat, vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower oil, coconut oil, Mortierella alpina oil), oligosaccharides (galactooligosaccharides (milk), fructooligosaccharides), whey protein concentrate (milk) , animal oils and fats (elipids, fish oil), calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, sodium citrate, vitamin C, taurine, emulsifier (soy lecithin), iron sulfate, vitamin E, zinc sulfate, nucleotides (sodium salts of uridine, Adenosine, inosine, guanosine 5 monophosphates), niacin, inositol, folic acid, pantothenic acid, copper sulfate, biotin, L-tryptophan, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin B1, vitamin D6, manganese II sulfate, Potassium iodide, sodium selenite, vitamin K

    Made without gluten-containing ingredients according to the law - gluten-free

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