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Canina Pharma Gmbh

Yeast Tablets (Pet) 800 g

Yeast Tablets (Pet) 800 g

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  • Description
  • Application
  • Ingredients
  • Appetite stimulant and tasty food additive

    • Pure natural product made from beer and mineral yeast, which includes all important active ingredients: all B vitamins, biotin, minerals and high-quality protein
    • B vitamins act as catalysts in all tissues and are indispensable in carbohydrate and protein metabolism and promote cell division
    • Improvement of vitality and nerve cords
    • Protects skin and hair and strengthens the claws
    • The high content of minerals and trace elements such as calcium and zinc promote motivation by stimulating energy production at cell level
    • Strengthening the immune system
    • To compensate for nutrient deficits caused by feeding
    • As an optimal addition during or after illness.


  • Feeding recommendation per animal and day:
    Information in tablets:

    • up to 15 kg: 3-5
    • up to 30 kg: 6-10
    • up to 40 kg: 10-18
    • over 40 kg: max. 20th
  • Composition / Ingredients:
    Composition: Mineral yeast, brewer's yeast.
    Ingredients: raw protein 44.0%, raw ash 10.4%, raw fat 3.4%, water 4.4%.



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