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Xenofit Zinc Active C Granules Drinks 10x9 g

Xenofit Zinc Active C Granules Drinks 10x9 g

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  • Xenofit Zinc Active C Granules Drinks is dietary drink with zinc for everyday needs.

    The trace element zinc is important every day for a normal immune system and healthy bones. This also applies to vitamin C. The sensible combination for active people is a plus in well-being - not only in the wet and cold months.

    The ideal vitamin C drink - with the valuable trace element zinc. The vitamin drink provides 200 mg of vitamin C and 5 mg of zinc per bag. Xenofit Zinkaktiv C is tasty hot and cold for the whole family!

    Zinc - what is it?

    Zinc is an essential trace element. Because the body cannot produce it itself, it is dependent on a daily intake of zinc with food. Both humans, animals and even plants need this micronutrient. Without zinc there would be no life.

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  • sugar, dextrose, acidifier citric acid, vitamin C, flavor (grapefruit), sweetener sodium cyclamate, zinc gluconate 0.43%, color riboflavin

    Nutritional information:

    Nutritional information per 200 ml drink  
    Calorific value 149 kJ (35 kcal)
    protein 0 g
    carbohydrates 8.3 g
    fat 0 g
    zinc 5 mg
    vitamin C 200 mg



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