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Spinnrad Wheat Gluten Powder 500 g

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  • Wheat gluten, for better baking properties of flour. It mproves the baking ability of flours, the volume and loosens the dough in bread products. 

    The natural Spinnrad wheat protein ensures that your bread is more spreadable and more sliceable. Wheat gluten can be combined with any type of flour, regardless of whether it is whole grain or white flour.

  • In order to achieve an optimal result, it is usually sufficient if up to 10% of the selected amount of flour is replaced with wheat gluten. 

    1 lightly heaped tablespoon corresponds to approx. 12g wheat gluten.

    The addition of gluten is particularly recommended for all wholemeal baked goods, self-ground cereals and when baking with the bread maker. (e.g. recipe with 500g flour = 450g flour + 50g wheat gluten). 

    Depending on the type of flour or grain and recipe, the amount can also be higher.

    Please store in a dry place.

  • Wheat gluten (gluten)