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Nontronite D 12 Trituration 30 ml

Nontronite D 12 Trituration 30 ml

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  • Weleda Nontronite D 12 Trituration - Composition of Japanese peppermint oil, rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, oil of wintergreen (Indian medicine)
    Original H. Rödlers combination of the medicinal plants oils in the world.
    Echoran - Jhp Plus Active oil combines the folk medicine of different cultures, such as Chinese medicine, Japanese medicine and Indian medicine. With its unique medical herb oil complex, it returns the physical balance in a natural way. Highly effective and beneficial for many ailments!

    The oil composition is used for general revitalization (e.g., strengthening, reinforcement in the cold season). By the disinfecting effect of the different essential oils to Echoran Jhp plus active oil as inhalation, bathing or as sauna infusion additive is suitable. In studies could be established also that the inclusion of essential oils through the nose causes a stimulation of the central nervous system, which can have a positive effect on the whole body ultimately.
    For topical use in overworked muscles, it is cool and relaxing ending to the affected parts of the body.

  • In liniments 3-5 drops in compresses and packs 5-10 drops and sauna sessions 3-6 drops.
     give 1 drop to the appropriate places in the massage: acupressure.
    Oral drops.
     Inhalation (Naturopathy & Medicine)
     Acupressure and acupuncture (Naturopathy & Medicine)
     Ointments and massage (physiotherapy)
     Lymphatic Drainage (Manual therapy)
     Sauna (Wellness)
     Compresses and packs (cosmetic)
     Other possible applications: When fatigue and exhaustion, insect bites and
     preventively against athlete's foot and foot blisters.
     For detailed instructions, with many more applications we med. Professionals on request.
     cooling to calm the muscles TRAUMA RÖD® 301
     to relax the muscles TRAUMA RÖD® 302 wärmend
     As an ointment dressing with ECHORAN® JHPplus use active oil. Approximately Leave on for 10 minutes.

  • Composition of ECHORAN® - JHP plus ACTIVE OIL
     20 mg Eucalyptus oil
     10 mg oil of wintergreen
     900 mg Peppermint oil
     60 mg rosemary oil
     10 mg Lavender oil



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