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Doppelherz Vitamin B12 30 cap

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  • Doppelherz Vitamin B12 is a dietary supplement for energy and helps to reduce fatigue and fatigue.

    An adequate supply of nutrients plays an important role in health, energy and performance! The water-soluble vitamin B12 (cobalamin) belongs to the group of B vitamins and plays a role in countless metabolic processes. Therefore, it is also referred to as a "multi-talent for health".

    • Concentrated: 200 μg vitamin B12 per tablets
    • Contributes to the reduction of fatigue and fatigue
    • Contributes to a normal energy metabolism

    It has long been known that vitamin B12 contributes, among other things, to a normal function of the nervous system and contributes to a normal energy metabolism. Research has shown that it also fulfills many other important functions in the body.

    - Supports a normal function of the immune system
    - Contributes to normal function
    - Contributes to a normal formation of red blood cells, has a function in cell division

  • Take 1 tablet daily with enough liquid, not chewed.

    Store dry and not above 25 ° C. Not suitable for children, adolescents, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

  • Cellulosic filler, coating agent hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, crosslinked carboxymethylcellulose filler, titania coloring agent, talcum releasing agent, silica release agent, fatty acid magnesium salt separating agents, polyethylene glycol, cyanocobalamin coating agent