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VEA Lipstick 10 ml

by Vea
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  • Description
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  • Vea Lipstick Vea Lipstick contains Vea Lipgel in a special, soft tube to facilitate application to the lips. It is rich in Vitamin E, (pure Vitamin E acetate), with a moisturizing, protective and soothing effect.

    In order to minimize the risk of allergies, was deliberately on colorants, fragrances and preservatives and essential oils waived.

    Regular use of Vea Lipstick keeps your lips soft and supple and protects them from dehydration. The Vitamin E helps against wrinkles around the lips and can mitigate existing wrinkles.

  • At least twice a day or more often if necessary.

  • Wirkstoffe
    • 1 g (2-Ethylhexyl)palmitat
    • 1 g Dimethiconol
    • 1 g Decamethylcyclopentasiloxan
    • 1 g DL-?-Tocopherol acetat
    • Rizinusöl, hydriertes